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A date with Frankenstein
norman and wolf
David and I went to see the NT Live Broadcast of Danny Boyle's Frankenstein tonight. It was playing in Shelburn Falls at Pothole Pictures, a venue that we have never been to before. Shelburn is small, really small and Pothole pictures is a funky place. It is in the Memorial Hall auditorium and is run completely by volunteers. The auditorium is old, the seats are horrible but the screen is good , so it's all good. They actually have huge stacks of seat cushions for people to use, most obviously hand made, in the back of the room. The nice little old lady who let us in (we were the first ones there, of course) said "Make sure you help yourself to the seat cushions" We stalked up and down, seat cushions in hand, to find the perfect distance and plunked ourselves mid- screen. I had read just about everything I could about the play before I realized I would get a chance to see it, and of course told David all about it as well, so in a way that was too bad. I can't even begin to imagine what the experience would be for someone completely unknowing to sit in that audience and watch it. Even knowing almost everything that was going to happen, I was riveted. At one point I realized I was leaning forward in my seat, my hand over my mouth. The whole opening sequence when The Creature is trying to learn how to use his body, OMG. He has no voice and no understanding, just the instinct to stand and move. It reminded me of a new-born foal, only hands and feet are more complicated to control than hooves. Benedict Cumberbatch played the Creature and unlike the other performances he wore a loin cloth thing rather than being nude. Contrary to some people, I was all for it. I adore him but I don't think I'm really comfortable knowing that much about him and the camera was really loving the close-ups. I'm sure that they took into consideration that it was showing globally as well but I have to say that watching him flail around and drag himself across the stage I was glad his sensitive bits had some protection. I don't have one myself but I was still like "Eee, be careful there!" Besides I was busy perving on his toes, they are really long (as are mine) and he was doing things like trying to grab snowflakes off the ground with them. That whole scene when it is snowing and he is so totally distracted by the miracle of snow he can't concentrate on the blind man's teaching, capturing snowflakes in his hands and then peeking inside to see them, oh my heart. It's 1:30 a.m. I'm getting sleepy so I think I'll make this post in two parts and hit the sack *yawn* 


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