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Love note 1
norman and wolf

The other day we were going through a stack of old papers searching for the horse's registrations when I came across some diary pages. They were not from my diary but from David's. Many, many years ago, we went through a phase where I encouraged David to keep a diary and he thought it would be fun to do so we bought him a nice notebook and knowing myself I probably covered it with some artwork and he carried it around with him. He rarely actually wrote in it though. I took to writing in it secretly so that when he DID finally open it he would find notes from me. Usually I was waiting for him while he was occupied doing a horse thing, generally carriage driving. The following one was written while waiting at Fuller's Arena for David to return from a drive with one of his clients, a peppery old school teacher (in her 90's, now sadly deceased) named Matthew and her Gypsy Vanner Pony, Steptoe.
I think I was set up today. Off you go with Matthew, which you NEVER mentioned. I was thinking- do Orpheus at 12:00, be at Whole Foods Market by 1:00 and home by 3:00 at the latest. It's 2:30 and you are still off driving. Rat Fink. I think you brought that book for me. When you brought it I was thinking- why is he bringing that? When does he intend to read it? Why does he seem so nervous? No wonder. If you had told me I might have brought the right one, or at least my music. You are on probation, young man. You better wa couch! I love you anyway, even though you are a sneaky rat bastard. Love, your wife.

 And then there is this one from the Polish Cultural Day parade.
I think I write in this thing more than you do. Where are you now as you are reading this? I am sitting in our truck babysitting Izora and Katie. A stranger reading that would think we had children, twins perhaps. Izora, that's an interesting name. Sounds old world German. Perhaps they are immigrants. I hope you have fun with the Polish ladies. May they feed you many delicious galumpkies. See what a generous wife I am, to wish you fun with other ladies? Large Polish ladies with generous galumpkies? All men should be so lucky. See you at the party tonight, remember, studio 18. Love, the better 2/3rds 


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